1970s Rock n’ Roll Records

guitar in caseMany of the same attitudes towards war, politics, world peace, and equal rights for all people that came about during the 1960s continued into the 1970s. The music definitely reflected these changes. Rock n’ roll during the 70s morphed into many subgenres such as heavy metal, hard rock, soft rock, country rock, and later punk rock. As people began exploring new ways of thinking, dressing, and behaving, the music also became more experimental.

Band Breakups

As the world began to become more accepting of different cultural views, and changing roles of men and women in society, rock n’ roll suffered some losses that forever changed the landscape. The breakup of The Beatles in 1970 was the first major indicator that change was on the horizon. All four band members – Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison launched solo careers during the 1970’s. McCartney also started a new band called Wings in 1971.

Other rock bands that were popular during the late 60s and 70s, but broke up by the 1980s include:

  • The Doors (broke up in 1973)
  • Led Zeppelin (broke up in 1980)
  • The Who (broke up early 80s)
  • The Eagles (broke up in 1980)
  • Fleetwood Mac (on again, off again)

Some of these bands stopped performing together because band members died (The Doors tried to stay together after lead singer Jim Morrison died, but broke up two years later) while other bands periodically get together to play or tour (Fleetwood Mac, The Who). Creative differences, which led to strained relationships, also prompted some of these bands to stop working together.

Death of The King

The death of Elvis Presley in 1977 was another indicator of the changing times in music history. Many fans mourned the passing of ‘The King.’ For years afterwards, fans would claim to have seen the ghost of Elvis at Graceland, his home located in Memphis, Tennessee or at convenience stores and gas stations all over the world. Elvis songs continued to receive airplay, but ‘The King’ was gone and there hasn’t been anyone like him since.

Collecting 1970s Rock n’ Roll Records

To start a collection of rock recordings from the 1970s, it’s best to choose a genre or subgenre and build from there. Because the music became an eclectic mix of sounds and melodies, be prepared to sift through quite a few disco and folk albums stored in old, dusty boxes at your local bookstore or antiques shop until you find any rock albums. Searching online for artists or titles for your collection may save some time. You can also contact record dealers or collectors to see which albums they have to offer.

Fascinating Period in Time

The 1970s continues to fascinate people – even those who grew up during this decade. There are many reasons for this continued fascination – the fashion, free thought, departure of long held conservative views, and of course, the music. With so many genres – rock, folk rock, country, disco, soul, and many subgenres, it’s easy to get lost in this decade – this is why collecting records from the 70s is so much fun.


1960s Rock n’ Roll Records

guitar rockThe music of the 1960s is an eclectic mix of rock, Motown, folk, psychedelic, and experimental. Many music historians agree that the age of 1960s rock n’ roll began with The Beatles. After their unforgettable appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, the US and the rest of the world would soon find out just how influential this British band would become throughout the rest of the decade and into the 1970s. Many fans and musicians would agree that their music is just as influential now as it was back then.

Changing Times

After a decade or more of conservative viewpoints, conformity, and an attempt to return to traditional family values, many people, especially young adults, were hungry for something new and exciting. The rock scene of the 1960s provided that and much more. Earlier rock legends like Elvis still performed and were hailed as music geniuses, but a new form of rock music was slowly emerging. This form, especially by the mid to late 60s had an edge earlier rock music did not.

Other rock bands like The Dave Clark Five, The Rolling Stones, and later, Jefferson Airplane, each had their own distinct sound and message. Each was able to coexist in the rock music scene as the genre seemed to be accepting of every new variation on older beats and rhythms.

peace buttonsSense of Outrage, Need for Peace

By the end of the 60s, the Vietnam War was a centralized theme of many rock n’ roll songs. Fueled by millions of angry citizens, particularly those in the US, the music become a way for people to express themselves and to deal with what was going on around them. The world was changing again. New attitudes, dress, behaviors, and music emerged. In the US and Great Britain, nightclubs were popping up all over the place. Going out at night to listen to music, dance, and enjoy the freedom from social conservatism become a lifestyle for many.

From the late 60s and throughout the 70s, rock music took on a defiant, hard-edged persona which later morphed into other forms such as heavy metal, punk, and even spilling over into disco.

What’s Left Behind

Long after people moved on from protesting the war and standing up for their rights, the music still remains. People cannot study the 1960s and the events that took place without examining the music and its impact on society. One may also question if it was society that affected the music or vice versa? Guess it depends on who you ask. But most people will agree that the music of the 1960s was beautiful, energetic, childlike, mysterious, and filled with lyrics and melodies that people can still identify with today.

 1960s Records

For avid fans of 1960s rock n’ roll music, collecting is more than just telling friends and family how many vintage records they have. For collectors, especially those who lived through this exciting and often misunderstood time period, the music is a way to relive and recall specific memories. For those born in another time, collecting vinyl from the 60s is retro and fun. You can find records from the 1960s online or in used CD and book stores, antique shops, or by contacting record dealers. Because of the rise in records produced during this time, there are many vintage albums available for those that want to recapture lost youth or for those who want to learn more about fascinating period in time.



1950s Rock n’ Roll Records

records 1950sWhen most people think of the 1950s, they think of the world as it emerged post WWII. Rebuilding, restructuring, and a return to social conservatism were themes felt in countries including the US and Great Britain. Many people made a concerted effort to promote family values and religion all with a strict sense of order and conformity. But there were those that still had a wild side to nurture. Because of this, a new form of music called rock n’ roll was born.

Rock n’ roll, a term coined by an American radio DJ around 1954, was mostly a blend of country and rhythm and blues mixed with a fast moving back beat. Rock music soon emerged as a popular musical form in the US and across the globe thanks to musicians like Elvis, the Big Bopper, Little Richard, and others. Popular with teenagers and those that wanted a break from mainstream conservative views, this music gave listeners the chance to express themselves in a way other musical forms couldn’t at the time. Even today, rock music still carries a rebellious rhythm.

Advances in Music Technology

Advances in music technology also had a big impact on rock music because it was during the 1950’s that 33’s and 45’s were developed. These smaller records had much better sound quality than the standard at the time – the 78. Also, these records didn’t require large turntables like those found in most living rooms at the time. Teenagers could now buy smaller record players and listen to records in their rooms instead of with the rest of the family.

45’s, also known as singles because there were two songs – one on each side, were easy to transport, which made music very easy to share with friends. Other advances in music technology included transistor and car radios (found in earlier car models, car radios didn’t become a standard in most vehicles until the 1950’s). Portable and easy to use, transistor radios became a very popular way to listen to music. Car radios allowed people to drive while listening to music – something people take for granted today.

New technologies combined with the growing popularity of rock music, teenagers and young adults had finally found a way to separate themselves from the adults and create their own unique subculture.

The More Things Change…

Over the years rock n’ roll has gone through many, many changes. As musicians continue to explore this mysterious, but familiar genre, many return to its roots – the 1950’s. Most rock songs of today still contain that energetic and rebellious back beat along with a mix of other musical forms (rhythm and blues and country still a favorite combination). New generations of musicians and music lovers learn from the past and project what they like into the future. Collecting old records from this and other time periods has become a new pastime for many. With other technological advances including the Internet, people can relive their lost youth, try to understand what older generations are talking about, or just amass a large collection of old, dusty records that may or may never be played again.


Rock n’ Roll Records

rock n roll recordRock n’ roll has changed dramatically over the years; morphing into numerous sub categories including heavy metal, punk, grunge, alternative, and various hybrids and combinations. But one thing is certain regardless of which sub category you listen to – rock n’ roll represents youth, recklessness, rebellion, and freedom. First used by a radio DJ in the 1950’s, the term rock n’ roll represents a very large genre that is just as powerful and free as it was back then.

Rock n’ Roll Records: Starting a Collection

If you’re a fan of Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Blondie, REM and other famous bands or solo artists, records may hold a special place in your heart. If you have memories of sitting around with friends listening to records, reading the liner notes, reviewing the cover art all while debating the significance or meaning of certain lyrics, starting a record collection is one way to rekindle those carefree days.

Thanks to the Internet, you can easily get in contact with record collectors from around the world to find specific albums. You can also browse through large collection databases to find albums you forgot about a long time ago, but want to revisit. Even if you grew up listening to cassette tapes and CD’s, starting a record collection is a retro thing to do – and can be lots of fun, especially if you have certain artists or albums in mind.

To start a collection, simply go online to find a specific album. You can also visit used record stores, antique shops, estate sales, or you can contact record dealers to see what they have in stock.

Top 5 Greatest Albums of All Time

These five albums topped Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time:

  • #1 The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • #2 The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
  • #3 The Beatles – Revolver
  • #4 Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited
  • #5 The Beatles – Rubber Soul

Given the massive popularity of The Beatles then and now, it’s not surprising to see three of the five slots filled with the band’s albums. The Beatles are synonymous with rock n’ roll. The Beatles not only represented youth, recklessness, rebellion, and freedom, the band helped define how a generation of music lovers was feeling at the time.

For many people, rock music gave them permission to feel sad, angry, depressed, happy, and melancholy all at once. And even though the problems of yesterday may not be the same as problems today, rock music still provides a voice for those that don’t feel heard or valued.

Resurgence of Vinyl

Over the past few years, vinyl records have resurfaced with both old and young music lovers. There’s just something special about vinyl that more and more people want to experience – either for the first time or as a way to revisit days gone by. It is unknown whether this new trend will continue or if it will fade as new musical mediums are introduced. But for now, enjoy listening to rock n’ roll records – alone or with friends – it will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Beatles Vinyl Records

The Beatles are perhaps the most well-known band of all time. And while there are other great musicians and bands that have influenced music over the years, the Beatles still manage to broaden their fan base and win the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

The band, started in 1960 in the UK, comprised of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. The Beatles went on to become international superstars with songs like “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Hey Jude,” and “Let It Be.”
Whether you are a diehard fan or casual listener, everyone can name at least one Beatles song. That’s the beauty of their work – in addition to writing and producing amazing music, the music and lyrics are still used today in marketing, movies, television and other forms of media because the music is so well known.

Finding Beatles Vinyl Records

beatles vinyl records

If you’re lucky enough to own original recordings of popular Beatles albums such as Abbey Road or The White Album then you already know how special those recordings are – and how valuable. If you don’t currently own any Beatles Vinyl Records, you may be able to find a record or two by contacting a reputable collector or obtaining rare recordings through record dealers.

You are in the right place to start hunting down those records and record dealers online – just type in “The Beatles” in the artist box in the record search above, and we will give you a list of what stores are selling Beatles records online

The Magic of Beatles Albums Cover Art

Owning Beatles Vinyl Records is more than just spinning your favorite songs on a quiet Saturday night – the cover art is just as important. Cover art helps tell the story behind the album and gives the album a unique look.

Everyone knows the cover of Abbey Road – the Beatles walking across the street, legs outstretched. This iconic album helped identify the record and create a Beatles ‘brand.’ It also helped define the band as more than just a cookie cutter copy of other bands producing music at the time – they were in a separate category altogether.

Another album people don’t forget is The White Album because it is entirely white. And while this may seem gimmicky, it was a way to stand out from other artists and gave people something to talk about. This not only helped sales, but also allowed people to quickly find what they wanted at the record store.

Beatles Nostalgia

All Beatles fans have their own favorites, know the words to entire albums and can tell you what they were doing the first time they heard a particular Beatles song. The Beatles not only produced great music, but also managed to ingrain themselves into the lives of everyday people.

Owning an original Beatles album is one way to relive those bygone days. But even if you aren’t fortunate enough to own an original album, there are plenty of reprints, CD’s and ways to download Beatles songs onto your MP3 player or phone. Even though owning Beatles Vinyl Records is very cool, you can still enjoy and revel in the band’s sound through the use of modern technology.