Factors that Determine the Value of the Vinyl Record

Record Age & Scarcity

Vinyl records can easily raise a five-figure value, depending on how old the record is. But age alone does not make the record a high-value collector’s item. Most records for example, may come from popular recording studios or may feature popular singers like Elvis Presley, but will not fetch a remarkable high value because the 1950’s Elvis Presley records were released in large numbers and therefore, will not really be scarce at this point in time. Owing to the laws of economics, when demand is high, but supply is low, prices are higher!

Physical Condition of the Record

The vinyl records must be in good physical condition in order to command a good price. These are categorized as “mint” conditions and are considered as one of the most sought after items in the vintage market. Therefore, if you are collecting records for the reseller money, then you may need to resist putting that record on the player over and over…But, if like me, you buy records for pure pleasure, then you don’t need to worry about that coffee stain on the sleeve 😉

Complete Packaging

To make sure that the vinyl records are truly of value, they must come still with the original cover and packaging, including free items like lyric sheets and other memorabilia. The 60’s EPs especially comes in thick cardboard covers which commands at least $1,000 dollars in the current market. Records without covers, unless very highly sought after, are generally without value.

Type of Record Released

The type of record also plays an important role in determining the value of the vinyl record. Some records are specifically released as mono or stereo version. Normally, the mono editions of these albums are thrice as much in value as the other vinyl records. The same could be said of records made in original pressings, as well as those which were issued as promotional copies to radio stations.
Vinyl records as collector’s items are truly in-demand today. The music lovers put a premium for the beautiful melody of the past and the artists from whom most of today’s revivals and music genres were derived from. Depending on the popularity of the artist, the rarity of the album, and the completeness of the packaging, some vinyl records are worth small fortunes!

Rolling Stones Records

The Rolling Stones is one of the most popular rock bands of all time. Formed in the UK in 1962 by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ian Stewart, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts (who was later removed from the band in 1963 and who went on to became the band’s road manager), the band continues to write music and tour today. And while most of the original band members have left over the years or have passed away, the band continues to perform their unique music on soundstages around the world.

Famous Rolling Stones Records

Popular records by the band include Exile on Main Street, Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed, and Some Girls. But if you ask any Stones fan, they have their own favorite songs from various albums. The band is so engrained in modern culture that many fans can tell you where they were the first time they heard a particular Stones song.

The fact that this band continues to play for audiences around the world is truly amazing. While other famous bands such as The Beatles or The Beach Boys are still as popular as they were when they first started, The Rolling Stones continue to reinvent themselves for future generations.

Fun Facts about The Rolling Stones

Given the band’s long history, there are many fun and interesting facts that many people and diehard fans do not know. These facts add much to the band’s image and create an artistic tapestry that continues to delight and amuse fans. For example, did you know:

The Rolling Stones have released 24 albums in the United States and 22 albums in the United Kingdom. They have sold over 200 million albums worldwide. That’s an amazing number of albums that includes eight live concert albums from eight U.S. tours and nine U.K. tours.

The name of the band is a tribute to blues legend Muddy Waters and his song ‘Rollin’ Stone.’ Several songs written by the entire band including “Andrew’s Blues,” “Aftermath,” and “Off the Hook” were credited under the pseudonym Nanker/Phelge. Also, albums produced by ‘the Glimmer Twins’ were actually produced by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.

The cover art for Sticky Fingers was designed by Andy Warhol who, according to many different rumors, designed the bands signature ‘tongue’ logo – others also rumored to have created the logo include graphic designers Craig Braun and John Pasche.

Finding Vintage Stones Records and Recordings

Thanks to the Internet, finding vintage Stones record albums and recordings is much easier than scouring flea markets or auction houses and estate sales. Use the search box located on this website to find available records. Enter in the title of the Stones album you want to find. In addition to finding vintage Stones albums, you can use the search function to find recordings by other artists.

Collecting Rolling Stones records can be an exciting hobby given the breadth of their work. As the band continues to tour and expand their fan base, original recordings and live recordings will become more valuable – but not only for vintage record collectors, but for Stones fans as well.

Elvis Presley Records

elvis vinyl recordsElvis Presley, also known as the “King of Rock’n’Roll,” touched the lives of many with his song writing, incredible voice and onstage moves. Even though he passed away over 30 years ago, his memory lives on through vintage recordings, remastered albums and online music databases. Elvis Presley records are some of the most sort after albums because he is recognized around the world as one of the best entertainers that ever lived.

Elvis Presley Albums

Elvis released over 50 albums during his career. In addition to music, Elvis also starred in over 30 films. His records include Elvis Presley(1956), A Date with Elvis (1959), Harum Scarum (1965), How Great Thou Art (1967) and Girls! Girls! Girls!(1963).
The beauty of Elvis was how versatile he could be when it came to his musical styles. He could easily switch from gospel to blues to country or to rock – this is one reason why he was so popular and why he remains so popular today. And while there are many compilations, remastered performances and rereleases of his music available, there is something about hearing an Elvis song on an original record that is very special.

Popular Elvis Songs

Many of Elvis’ songs hold a special place in the hearts of fans. Some of his most popular songs include ‘Burning Love,’ ‘All Shook Up,’ ‘Jailhouse Rock,’ and ‘Don’t Be Cruel’. These songs played in the background of people’s lives creating many wonderful memories for fans.
During his career, Elvis released many record singles that included two songs on an ‘A’ side and ‘B’ side. Collectors enjoy collecting record singles because they can be very rare and difficult to find. But if you stumble upon an Elvis Presley record single buy it if possible as it could be worth the investment.

Elvis Presley: Still Popular Today

elvis vinylThere are many reasons why Elvis is still popular today. In addition to his many recordings, movies and two documentaries filmed during concert tours, fans can remember the good old days while those just discovering ‘the King’ can learn much about his early recordings and later performances headlining in Las Vegas and other glitzy places.

Because Elvis made such an impact in various music genres, he will be remembered as a prolific performer who enjoyed not only making music but entertaining audiences with perfect live performances as well. Elvis Presley records allow people to rediscover old favorites, enjoy songs they may not have heard on the radio and really enjoy the talents of a man who passed away before his time. Elvis Presley may be gone, but the music remains to be enjoyed for many, many years to come.

Searching for Elvis Records Online

It’s very easy to find certain Elvis records online. All you have to do is use the search box on this site. Enter in the name of the record along with Elvis’ name and click ‘Search.’ You can do this with other artists as well.

Soul Records

Motown Soul Records

The Motown record label played an important role in bringing soul music into popular music culture. Berry Gordy’s label, established in 1960, dominated the Detroit soul music scene with the Motown sound, signified with strong bass lines and powerful rhythyms. Search for Motown vinyl records

Southern soul and Memphis soul

soul recordsNotable Southern Soul artists include Ray Charles and James Brown. Memphis Soul, defined by its funk and soul, is more smooth edged than Southern Soul and thus became more popular. Famous Memphis Soul artists include Otis Reading and Isaac Hayes, both released by Stax Records – the major label of the genre, together with Hi Records.

1970s Soul

Classic 70’s soul artists include ‘The Staple Singers’, ‘Marvin Gaye’ and ‘Curtis Mayfield’

Northern Soul Records

A particular soul genre to look out for in record collecting is ‘Northern Soul’. There are a number of enthusiasts that collect lesser known artist’s from this genre, and the rarer Northern Soul records can be valued at thousands of dollars. Northern Soul emerged in the UK in the late 60s, and can generally described as popular soul music from the mid-sixties that has a fast tempo and big beat.

What makes a rare record?

Firstly, what makes a record rare and valuable?

– Classic hits and older records from defining eras, especially the 50’s and 60’s rock n’ roll era, are the records that can pick up 1000’s of dollars. Thats because these records are popular and thus demand and prices are high.
– However, the rarity and thus value of a record always depends on its condition, both in terms of the manufacturer’s labels and cover art, and the record itself -the same record might be worth a fortune in mint condition, but nothing if in bad condition – so take care of your vinyl!
– Additionally, there are rare versions of certain records – promo recordings and special editions for example, which are more scarce are more likely to be considered to be rare records, and will thus fetch a greater value.
– Signings by the artists will also add to a record value.
– Stereo or mono pressing – whichever is scarcer! Before the 1970’s most records were pressed in mono, and thus 1950’s stereo records collect more than the same records pressed in mono. However, the converse is true of records after 1970.

Lets have a look at some of the rare records that are worth something (if in good condition), so that the next time you are at a garage or clearance sale, you won’t dismiss a rare record for sale as junk…maybe you are even lucky enough to already own one of the following:

Elvis Presley’s Sun Recordings

elvis presley sun recordings rare recordBetween 1953 and 1955 Elvis Presley recorded 25 titles at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Sun records was created in 1952 by Sam Philips, a producer renowned for his respect for independent music artists. Elvis’s recordings on these labels are treasured reflections of the unique fusion between black (gospel, blues, r’n’b) and white (hillbilly and country) music which was emerging in the 50’s. Mint conditions of the original singles released by Elvis under this label are highly sought after; these five singles, in release order are: “That’s all right/Blue Moon Kentucky” (July, 1954), “Good Rockin’ Tonight/I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine” (September, 1954), “Milkcow Blues Boogie/You’re a Heart Breaker” (December, 1954), “Baby Let’s Play House/I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone” (April, 1955), “I Forgot to Remember to Forget” (August, 1955).

The Beatles – Promo and White Label Records

Everybody knows and loves The Beatles as the hit makers of the 60’s. Their records are still popular amongst every generation today. There are thousands and thousands of Beatlesbeatles rare vinyl vinyl records in rare vinyl records circulation, some of which are valued at thousands of dollars and others that are valued at five dollars, depending on it’s condition and the number of copies in circulation. The Beatles is an example of a legendry group for which you should look out for ‘white label’, ‘bootleg’ or ‘promo’ records. These kind of bands or artists have a large fan base, some of which will want to own every single release by that artist, and thus people will pay a lot to complete their collection with a rare promo record. Promotional, rare and signed vinyl records by The Beatles, have fetched thousands of dollars in past record auctions. Search for The Beatles vinyl records

Unusual pressing’s of famous records

rare red record

If you are lucky enough to have a Stereo version of ‘Please Please Me’ by The Beatles, a red or blue copy of ‘The Works’ by Queen, or a Japanese pressing of ‘Monster’ by Bob Dylan, then you own a rare record. Again, one can see the formula to what makes a record rare here: a). A popular band or artist and b). Scarcity of the record. Stereo copies of records released in the 50’s and 60’s are scarce, as are colored records and pressings from Japan.


Other notable rare records to look out for:

– Promos and 1st pressings of Pink Floyd Albums

– The Sex Pistols – ‘God Save the Queen’

– Mint condition, 1st pressings and signed copies of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album

Beatles Vinyl Records

The Beatles are perhaps the most well-known band of all time. And while there are other great musicians and bands that have influenced music over the years, the Beatles still manage to broaden their fan base and win the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

The band, started in 1960 in the UK, comprised of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. The Beatles went on to become international superstars with songs like “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Hey Jude,” and “Let It Be.”
Whether you are a diehard fan or casual listener, everyone can name at least one Beatles song. That’s the beauty of their work – in addition to writing and producing amazing music, the music and lyrics are still used today in marketing, movies, television and other forms of media because the music is so well known.

Finding Beatles Vinyl Records

beatles vinyl records

If you’re lucky enough to own original recordings of popular Beatles albums such as Abbey Road or The White Album then you already know how special those recordings are – and how valuable. If you don’t currently own any Beatles Vinyl Records, you may be able to find a record or two by contacting a reputable collector or obtaining rare recordings through record dealers.

You are in the right place to start hunting down those records and record dealers online – just type in “The Beatles” in the artist box in the record search above, and we will give you a list of what stores are selling Beatles records online

The Magic of Beatles Albums Cover Art

Owning Beatles Vinyl Records is more than just spinning your favorite songs on a quiet Saturday night – the cover art is just as important. Cover art helps tell the story behind the album and gives the album a unique look.

Everyone knows the cover of Abbey Road – the Beatles walking across the street, legs outstretched. This iconic album helped identify the record and create a Beatles ‘brand.’ It also helped define the band as more than just a cookie cutter copy of other bands producing music at the time – they were in a separate category altogether.

Another album people don’t forget is The White Album because it is entirely white. And while this may seem gimmicky, it was a way to stand out from other artists and gave people something to talk about. This not only helped sales, but also allowed people to quickly find what they wanted at the record store.

Beatles Nostalgia

All Beatles fans have their own favorites, know the words to entire albums and can tell you what they were doing the first time they heard a particular Beatles song. The Beatles not only produced great music, but also managed to ingrain themselves into the lives of everyday people.

Owning an original Beatles album is one way to relive those bygone days. But even if you aren’t fortunate enough to own an original album, there are plenty of reprints, CD’s and ways to download Beatles songs onto your MP3 player or phone. Even though owning Beatles Vinyl Records is very cool, you can still enjoy and revel in the band’s sound through the use of modern technology.